Co-Curricular Activities

Youth Red Cross

YRC Activities for the year 2013-2014

The youth Red Cross commenced its activities with the union inauguration. Nearly 220 students in the first year enrolled themselves in the YRC. Orientation given to the YRC students on the following topics.

  • R. Vanamadevi, Programme Officer of YRC gave a speech on General objective of YRC and History of YRC in World Wide and in India.

  • Ms. K Sangeetha, Co-opted member of YRC gave a special talk on the Principles of YRC.

  • A Blood Donors Directory was created for the year 2013-2014.

  • YRC Volunteers were engaged in regular campus cleaning activities and arranging the book in the Library

  • YRC Volunteers presented the special lecturer on the following topics in various occasions

  • Cancer awareness
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Blood Donation
  • YRC conducted a special programme on Cancer awareness on 11th March 2013 in our college assembly hall from 1.30 to 3.30 pm. List of programmes are given below.

Topic Student Name
1. Causes of cancer P.Rajeswari, II B.Sc(IT)
2. Cancer Symptoms K.Gayathri I B.Com (CA)
3. Effects and prevention of cancer S.Samyutha I B.Com (CA)
4. Short film on Organ donation R.Sathyadevi &M.Ishwarya II B.Sc(CS) “A”

  • R.Sathyadevi and M.Ishwarya of II B.Sc Computer Science attented 3 days Zonal level orientation programme organised by YRC, Bharathiar University from 12th March 2014 to 14th March 2014 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

  • YRC conducted “First Aid Training Progarmme” on 27.03.2014 in association with St.John Ambulance, Madurai. Mr.S.Clement Benebert Raj gave a special lecture and Demo for the first aid programme. One hundred and thirteen students participated in the training programme and received the certificates. The programme was held at G.V.G College Assembly hall.



  • The Youth Red Cross commenced its activities with the Union Inauguration. Nearly 130 students in the First year enrolled themselves in the YRC in 19.07.2011.

  • YRC students involved in various activities along with the NSS students during the NSS special camp held from 15.08.2011 to 21.08.2011.

  • On 16.8.2011, 29 YRC students participated in the Environmental Protection and Awareness Rally at Chinnapulankinar.

  • 30 of our YRC students went on a Rally on the Ground Water Harvesting awareness at Ragalbavi and R. Krishnapuram on 17.08.2011.

  • 28 of our students were involved in Medical Camp and Importance of the Donation of Human Organs were also demonstrated by the YRC students on 18.08.2011 at Ganapathypalayam.

  • 29 of our students participated in the AIDS and Cancer Awareness Rally at Venasapatti on19.08.2011.

  • On 200.08.2011, 30 of our students Planted trees in the villages such as Ragalbavi, R. Krishnapuram, Chinnapulankinar, Ganapathypalayam and Venasapatti.

  • Two YRC Volunteers:

  • 1. B. Vidhya II Bsc CS ‘B’

  • 2. B. Diviya Priya Dhanalakshmi II Bsc Zoology participated in the Indian Red Cross society, Tamil Nadu Branch sponsored three day Zonal level “Orientation Training Programme” for Youth Red Cross volunteers held at Bharathiar University CBE, from 23.1.2012 to 25.1.2012.


  • The activities of the Youth Red Cross started with the enrollment of 120 First year students.

  • A ‘Blood Donor’s Directory was created for the cleaning activities and in arranging the books in the Library.

  • YRC conducted “First Aid Training Programme” on 12.12.2009 in association with St John Ambulance Madurai.145 of our students attended and received the certificates.

  • YRC in association with Life oriented Education committee, conducted a special meeting on “Traffic Rules and Safety Measures” on 1.2.2010. Mr.T. Rajasekaran BA,BL Asst. Public Prosecutor Udumalpet addressed the meeting.

  • Yoga and Meditation certificate course was conducted from 20.2.2010 to 1.3.2010 to YRC students 35 students participated and received the certificates from ‘The World Community Service centre Chennai’.

  • A special Meeting was conducted on 2.3.2010. Dr. Soundarajan addressed the gathering on the topic “Blood Donation” and its significance.


  • The activities of the Youth Red Cross started with the enrollment of the 100 First year students.

  • A blood donor’s directory was created for the year 2008 – 2009.

  • The YRC Volunteers engaged in regular cleaning of the campus and help the librarian in arranging the books in the library.

  • Extra ordinary meeting organized by the UG students on the following topics:

  • Red Cross Society
  • Eye Donation
  • Blood Donation
  • First Aid and
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Twenty five YRC students participated in the Eye Donation awareness programme at Malaiandipattinam Village.

  • Fifty of our students attended a meeting on “Law and Justice” at IMA Hall Udumalpet.

  • Twelve of our YRC students participated as volunteers for Free Eye Camp conducted by Rotary Club of Udumalpet.