Value Education - Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women

Value Education


The main objective of value education course is to enhance and enrich the total personality of a student as a better individual, a good home maker, a good citizen and above all empowered women.

It is proposed to offer a serious of lecture and activities to inculcate values such as human values, family values, social values, professional ethics, national values, yoga and meditation for healthy life among the student community

The strength and power of the future generation of India rests with our women folk. The function of the body, heart and soul of every student needs to be regulated, cleansed and strengthened to lead a healthy rejuvenated life. So Yoga for students is imparted by the college to empower and enhance the vital skills of students.

The practice of yoga helps the students channelize their energy for constructive purposes. It aids them in improving their immunity, eliminates the pain and ailments of women to lead a healthy, active and refreshing life. Negative thoughts, impressions and tensions are replaced with good humane thoughts, everlasting peace, mental strength and eternal bliss.

Yoga enhances the wisdom of self-awareness in students, sharpens their intellect, instils a rational thinking capacity, act wisely, excel in studies, confront challenges bravely, decide aptly and pursue their goals with resolution. Sense of right and wrong, experience of the divine presence and the awareness of being part of a well ordained, compact and diving scheme is enlightened by yoga.