Co-Curricular Activities



Outstanding players will be admitted on sports quota. They will be exempted to pay the academic fees and hostel boarding and lodging fees.
Appointing coaches for major games to train our players on monthly payment basis
Providing nutritious food like boiled cereals, ragi porridge & egg to the players during the training session.
First hour class is allotted for training session and it will be considered as on permission for the players.
Supplementary tests will be conducted for the players who represented our college to participate in tournament during CIA test.
Cash award will be given to the outstanding players during the college day celebration for every academic year.
The prize winners in sports and games will be honored during the students assembly.
Permitting the players to take part in summer coaching camps.
Gaining match exposure through friendly matches by visiting / inviting neighboring institution teams.
Purchasing Robo – a ball feeder for table tennis training purpose at a cost of Rs. one lakh.
Introducing Best Outgoing player award by considering their national level representation, academic performance and behavioral characteristics