Department of Computer Applications - Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women

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Department of Computer Applications



The main aim of the Department is to educate the students to rise up to the growing demands for computer professionals in the dynamic industry and to create a mind-set conducive to the acquisition of new knowledge. Considering the rapid rate of obsolescence in the latest trends in Computer Applications, the courses are updated to meet the challenges of the industry. In academic curriculum, equally importance is provided to Value Based education and to exalt the hidden potentials in students that equip them to approach life with optimism. Our graduates would be trained in teamwork, effective communication, professionalism, ethics, and the encouragement of learning and applying new ideas and technologies evolving day to day.


  • To make every student of the department gain employability in IT and ITES and support to our society.
  • To impart world-class knowledge in the field of Computer Applications to our students that creates an atmosphere for students to acquire a respect for moral values; a sense of their duties as a citizen.
  • To furnish practical exposure to apply the knowledge gained, through project works that would also help in improving their creative thinking, team spirit and work culture. To upgrade the standard of faculty through research and publications.
  • Department of computer Science, Computer Applications and Information Technology jointly release the magazine “e-Orchids” twice in a year.