Research Projects

Year Department Name Topic Major/ Minor Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (in Rs.) Submitted/ Ongoing
2016 - 2017 Economics Dr. M. Mehar Banu A Study on Energy economization of the consumers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Udumalpet Tk, Tirupur Minor UGC 1,40,000 Ongoing
2015 - 2016 B.Com - Self Finance Ms.Jayamary An Empirical Study – Working Women’s Behavior on Instant Food, in Tirupur Dist, 1.70,000 Submitted
2014 - 2015 History Dr.V.K.Saraswathi Shiva Temples In Karaivalinadu – Kongu Region 1,60,000 Submitted
Mrs.S.Shenbagavalli The Trading Activities of the British on the Coromandel Coast from A.D.1698 to A.D.1725. 1,60,000 Submitted
Mathematics Mrs. N.Rajeswari Optimal Inventory Policies For Items With Linear And Power Patterns Of Demand And Fuzzy Cost Parameters 1,20,000 Submitted
2013 - 2014 English Dr.P.Renuga English for Employability of Rural Women Undergraduates in Udumalpet Taluk, Tiruppur District, Tamil Nadu 2,70 000 Submitted
Economics Dr.M.Radha “Work life balance of Women Employees in Service Sector – A study of teaching faculties in Udumalpet taluk, Tirupur Dt.Tamilnadu. 2,43,000 Submitted
Dr.K.Kaliammal Living and working conditions of migrated women construction workers in the unorganized sector in Cbe. city, Cbe. 2,92,000 Submitted
Mrs..R.Rajini Utilization of Maternal Healthcare Services amongst Women in Slums of Udumalpet Tk. Tirupur Dt. Tamilnadu 1,85,000 Submitted
Chemistry Mrs.M.Malarvizhi Efficacy of Nano level HAP (Hydroxy apatite) coatings on bio implant metal 36L Stainless Steel for enhancing corrosion resistance and biocompatibility in Stimulated body Fluid (SBF)” 1,25,000 Submitted
2012 - 2013 Tamil Dr.வே. செடிப்பவுன் செவ்வியல் இலக்கியங்களில் குழந்தை குறுந்திட்ட ஆய்வு செம்மொழித் தமிழாய்வு மத்திய நிறுவனம் 2,50,000 நிறைவுற்றது
Chemistry Mrs.S.Umadevi Synthesis of Noval Long Wavelength Fluorescent Sensors for Heavy metal ions” Minor UGC 1,20,000 Submitted
2011 - 2012 History Dr. K.C.K.Rajabha vanavathy A Historical perspective of the study of Dalits in Udumalpet Region in accordance with Dr.Ambedkar’s Vision” Major UGC 4,98,700 Submitted
Economics Dr. R. Radhika Health and Nutritional Status: Anthropometric Perspective of Pre-School Children of Udumalpet 1,00,000 Submitted
Dr. S. SundariBai Wonders of sachet culture- A case study of cavinkare 85,000 Submitted
Dr. P. Geetha Occupational Health Hazards and Psychosocial Problems of the Unorganized Workers in the Construction Industry in Udumalpet Taluk, Tirupur District, TN 1,00,000 Submitted
Commerce Dr. M. Kalavathi A study on the Impact on Mobile phone on the socio-economic status of rural customers of Tirppur District 70,000 Submitted
Mrs. C.Pushpalatha A study on Awareness utilization and satisfaction of Insurance policies in Tirppur(Dt) TN 70,000 Submitted
Dr.S.Bhuvaneswari A study on performance of Consumer Protection Council with special reference to Erode(Dt) 70,000 Submitted