Physical Education

Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education was established in the year 1954 with an avowed objectives of encouraging and promoting the sporting spirit of the student community. The department is equipped with necessary facilities and equipments, which enable the students to undergo regular practice for achieving perfection. The department has already proved its efficiency by moulding students to represent International, National, State, University and District Levels in Badminton, Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Hockey, Volley ball, Throwball, Skating, Yogasana and Athletics. Utmost care is taken by the department to equip itself to the innovations and improvements effected in the Global sporting world.


“Our vision is to promote ethical behavior and good Sportsmanship where every women pupil is guided and facilitated to become a wholesome personality with high principles relevant to today’s global reality and the challenges of tomorrow.”


To identify and nurture the intrinsic sports skills.
To provide them necessary training and support to transform them to face the competitions.
To promote their Physical and Mental fitness to meet the challenges.
To develop them as professionals in their concern fields.
To extend counseling and consultancy for all the students regarding their health.
To prepare every student to be consciously responsible committed and contributing to the needs of the society.