Co-Curricular Activities

National Service Scheme


National Service Scheme is an essential component which plays an important role in the educational system. The NSS units of our college function in an effective manner and offers an opportunity for all the volunteers to serve selflessly to the society in general and college in particular. The NSS programme started functioning in our college right from the year 1995 onwards. At present there are four units functioning effectively with four programme officers, four co-opted members and 400 volunteers.

Each NSS volunteer need to render her services totally for 480 hours (240 hours for regular activity and 240 hours for special camp)for the allotted period of two years. The regular activities and the special campaign programme arouse the social consciousness in the minds of the young students who are going to be the future pillars of our mother India. Every year four nearby villages are adopted and the students are offered adequate opportunities to render their services profusely by organizing a special camp for ten days. Without fail an Himalayan change is brought in all the adopted villages.

The overall aim of National Service is to serve extensively for the growth and development of the Nation through the set pattern of education and orient the students towards voluntary service. This particular way of education helps the students grow intellectually, morally, spiritually and inculcates a spontaneous social consciousness to serve the society and help for the betterment of the Nation and National Integration and become responsible individuals.


To understand the community in which volunteers work.
To develop social and civic responsibility.
To initiate and involve in community cleanliness.
To acquire competence for group living and sharing responsibilities.
To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
To practice national integration.


There are two types of programmers. They are,
1) Regular NSS programmes: students undertake various activities in the adopted villages and campuses.
a) Campus work
b) Celebration of important National Days.
c) Office service at the time of Natural Calamities and National Emergencies.
d) For mobilizing public support and rendering necessary assistance to the authorities in rescue, relief and rehabilitation.

2) Special programmes: special activities and a special camp of one week duration organized in the adopted villages on a theme given by the NSS regional center with the involvement of the local people