Department of Mathematics


The department was established in the year 2004. The department has highly qualified, dedicated and sincere faculty members. One faculty member is a doctorate holder and the other faculty members are engaged in research activities. Some of the research areas are Topology, Differential Equations, Graph Theory and Operations Research.


To provide value based mathematical education with continuous enhancement through innovative and flexible curriculum that enables the students to efficiently adapt in multidisciplinary academic and research environments and the society at large.


To develop mathematical thinking and apply it to solve problems with confidence by providing rich and diverse curriculum and to expand the frontiers of mathematical knowledge through innovative teaching –learning techniques.
To assess the individual needs of the students and educate them accordingly so that they bloom as resourceful mathematicians.
To provide an ambience for originality and creativity that leads to quality research and collaborative work.
To inculcate social responsibility among students and to involve them in community related activities.

Courses Offered

B.Sc Mathematics


The Purpose of Mathematics programme is to provide young students with experiences that will allow them to develop mathematical reasoning and acquire basic mathematical concepts and skills.
The curriculum is designed to provide students with growth in competencies essential to mathematical growth. As they learn mathematics, they will develop problem – Solving skills and Mathematical reasoning.
Additionally, students participate in state and intradepartmental competitions.