Language Laboratory

The computerized English Language Lab is extremely wonderful in developing the LSRW skills. The audio components enhance the listening and comprehension skills. The special exercises on phonetics improve the speaking and reading skills. The writing skill is trained by making the students type the answers for the questions. The group discussion and interview videos enable the students to observe and emulate the spoken style, accent and acquire the correct attitude during interviews. The teachers can set exams and asses the oral and written performance of the students. Great thrust is given to the communicative English of the students for better placement opportunities.

Physics Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory facility for practical sessions at the undergraduate level.The regular practical sessions at the UG level involves core practical experiments and electronics experiments. The core experiments are carried out with the equipments such as Laser optic kits, sonicator, spectrometer, Magnetic stirrer etc.The Special core lab involves with the utilization of the temperature controlled Muffle furnace, Hot air Oven and Precision Digital Electronic balance for alloy preparation and study at the Nano scale.For Electronics lab Audio oscillators, Function generators and CROs with good configurations and Regulated power supplies and INTEL 8085 Microprocessors are used for design and response study.

  • The lab facilities are upgraded to the PG level with availability of equipments such as Double Distillation Units, Hall-effect apparatus, Laser-Fiber optic apparatus; RS232 interfaced LCR Meter (12Hz-10KHz) etc.

  • To support the Skill based the course in Medical Instrumentation, Medical instruments such as ECG apparatus, Glucometer, Haemaoglobinometer, Blood pressure Monitor, PH meter are also available.

  • An OHP, Video Cassettes, CDs and Computers are also available for visual demonstration and supplement the regular theory classes.

  • The Department also has a Digital Photography lab to encourage the self-employable skills.
    Separate BG lab is available to carry out BG experiments comfortably.

Chemistry Laboratory

As a well-equipped laboratory, the practical sessions can accommodate 60 students at a time in comfort.The uniqueness of the laboratory is highlighted in the utilization of the deionised water obtained from the rain water stored using the rain Harvesting tank built with a storage capacity of 2,80,000 lt.Department Physical chemistry laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments like Photoelectric Colorimeter, PH-meter, conductivity - meter, electrical centrifuge and electrophoretic apparatus.

  • As a safety oriented scheme centralized LPG connection within the laboratory is employed for Practical sessions.

  • Separate lab is available with 35 chemical balances installed to carry out the weighing process successfully.

  • Educational aids such as Overhead Projectors automatic slide Projectors, computer and Video Cassettes are made use of from the laboratory.

Botany Laboratory

Spacious Botany Laboratory to conduct allied practical.Having compound microscopes to take the sections of root & stems of various plants.Subject videocassettes, biovisual charts, specimens, slides & models are available to teach the subject.Internet is used to teach landscape designing.Maintaining herbal garden.lanning to plant trees in the campus for 27 stars and 12 Rasi to develop mental & physical health.

  • By using dissection microscopes, flowers of various families are dissected

  • Using smart classroom for teaching.

  • Field visit to industries, TNAU and medicinal garden.

Zoology Laboratory

A well-equipped laboratory to carryout regular practical sessions with ease employs both Compound and Dissection Microscopes with crane magnifiers. The Sericulture lab sessions are carried out with the Silkworm rearing using the Mulberry plants grown in the campus by the students themselves. Also some of the larvae are used for regular dissection classes. The special instruments like Autoclave and Electrophoresis are installed in the lab for Sterilizing purpose and for separating the proteins.

  • The lab facilities for the clinical laboratory techniques includes the utilization of instruments like Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometer, Urinometer, Westergren apparatus for Erythocytes sedimentation rate etc., Incubator and PH meter and a computer are available.

  • To carryout the dissection sessions more effectively, compatible TV, VCR and Videocassettes are available in the laboratory.

Computer Laboratory

The computer lab is equipped with the latest computer hardware/software and reference materials and are interconnected with work stations enabling the students to get hands-on-experience and information with regard to developments in the IT industry.The state-of-the-art laboratories with modern equipments and sophisticated instruments, which are enable the students to make the most of the time they spend here. The College provides round the clock Internet connection to students and teachers for the enhancement of their knowledge in their field of study


Business Lab was established in 2013 to provide holistic learning environment through value based commerce education and to transform the learners into competent commerce professionals. To bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical environment, hands-on-training was provided relating to filling of forms manually, knowledge on office equipment and usage of basic business application soft wares. Computer based courses were offered and included in the curriculum of all Commerce stream programs. In parallel to and the continuous need for innovation, wider knowledge,and better job opportunities and to meet the rapidly evolving technological environment students from commerce streams were offered career educations in tie-up with IBM. Business lab was upgraded into a digitalized environment since 2015.