Indoor Stadium

The sixty year old institution has gained a new identity with an imposing state of the art Indoor stadium, constructed with a grant of Rs.70 Lakhs from UGC and Rs.70 Lakhs from the Management. The ambience is pleasant and professional with the polished wooden floor measuring 3840 Sq.ft. The ceiling is wrought with insulated PU panel that is eco friendly reducing the temperature to 5-6 degree Fahrenheit and also the sound effect during rain. The front elevation is classy designed with cellular fibre. The stadium has a seating capacity of 1000 spectators and it has three Badminton Courts, One Volleyball Court and has provision for three Table Tennis Courts. The speciality of the stadium is that each and every part of the exterior decoration is reusable and has the subjected to green audit screening. This can facilitate game day experience extending the frontiers of our players to National and International arena.