Evaluation has two components Continuous Internal Assessment and End semester Examination. To improve the various competencies of the students Seminar, Group Discussion, Just a minute etc., are added as the different components of Continuous Internal Assessment.

Special features of the Examination Pattern

  • Scrutinizing committee - to ensure the quality of question paper.
  • Part IV is completely assessed internally. Online evaluation is done for General Awareness course.
  • Supplementary End Semester Examinations for the failed candidates at the end of the course is conducted to enable her to pursue higher studies and job.
  • Audit Committee is appointed by the principal to check the total marks for all the answer scripts.
  • 100% transparency is ensured both in CIA and ESE
  • Distribution of CIA papers to the students along with key.
  • Provision to get the xerox copy of the ESE paper
  • Provision for revaluation and re-totalling
  • Mark sheet is issued with six secret security features.
  • Mark sheet with photo to ensure more security.
  • When students are not satisfied with the mechanism or the marks, they can appeal through the Grievance and Appeals Committee. The committee will take the necessary action with the headship of the principal.