Department of English


The Department of English SF was established in the year 2002 with PG English. UG English course was started in the year 2012. The department is equipped with Language Lab and Skillmate software and TOEFL and GRE material. The lab helps to improve students’ LSRW skills through self-learning practice. The department motivates and encourages the students to take part in various competitions and showcase their talents.


The Department of English SF strives to equip the rural female students with holistic education in English and enrich them with soft skills through literature thereby empowering them with the necessary skills for employment.


The department of English SF aims
To train all the students speak English fluently
To inculcate taste for literature.
To impart value-based education through literature
To build self confidence through English language

Courses Offered

BA English Literature
MA English Literature


The courses are designed to focus on
Easy English for all
Motivating students to appear in Competitive Examinations
Stirring research and analytical attitude in students

Highlights of The Department

Department Magazine Lit Gazettewas released on 05.03.2018
Conducts Bridge Course for freshers every year
Organizes Lit Fest - an inter-departmental program every year. The Department of English (SF) conducted Lit Fest -2017 from 27-2-2017 to 02-03-2017. More than 300 students from various departments participated in different competitions.
Launched Reading Club and Review Club in the year 2015
Students teach Communicative English to AIM for SEVA Children
Students conducted health camps in Udumalpet slums and teach yoga techniques
Organized Artistica-Intercollegiate Literary Competition and arranged Magic Lantern, a literary exhibition
Conducts Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures
The Department of English organized Artistica-Intercollegiate literary Competition and arranged Magic Lantern, a literary exhibition on 16 th August 2013. About 150 students from 12 Colleges participated in 12 different Competitions and the overall shield was bagged by PSGR Krishnammal College for Women - Coimbatore.

English Language Lab

The computerized English Language Lab was established in the year 2013. There are 30 individual cabins with Head Phones. Skillmate software is used to develop and enhance the communicative skills of the students.
Listening Skills are developed through listening to passagesusing headphones and answering to questions.
Speaking Skills are enhanced by playing audio passages and learn the basic sounds including vowels, consonants and diphthongs and to improve the accent and pronunciation.
Reading and Writing skillsare enhanced through illustrative passages and the learners are trained to skim and scan the given passage.
Literary Videos are shown to impart theatrical skills and for the proper understanding of the text.
Videos are shown to impart interview skills-body language, analytical ability, communicative skills and group discussion.