To provide holistic learning environment through value based commerce education and to transform the learners into competent commerce professionals.


To provide a strong conceptual knowledge and critical thinking in core subjects.
To bridge the gap in the application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations.
To enable students fit for digitalised business environment.
To impart skills required to capture employment opportunities.
To prepare the students for higher education in commerce, trade and business.
To foster innovative thinking and research culture among students.
To ensure holistic development of learners creativity.


M.Phil (PT/FT)
Ph.D (PT/FT)


The Department of Commerce is well known for the strong foundation in the curriculum offered at the B.Com and at the M.Com degree programmes. The department offers the Undergraduate programme from the year 1981 and the Post graduate programme from 1988 and it was upgraded as the research department from 2003 onwards.

The department is actively engaged in research activities since 1988 through the P.G. projects. All the faculty members of the department are the recognized guides of the M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes. The department is sanctioned with many UGC funded Major/Minor Research Projects.Organising Seminar/Workshop/Symposium at the National & International level is an annual feature of the department. The department updates the curriculum to meet the dynamic needs of the environment through innovative teaching learning methods. To improve the ICT skills of the students, Blended learning programmes are offered as a part of the curriculum. Hands on Training are provided to enhance the employable skills of the students. The preference of the Post graduate students of the department as the faculty members in other colleges is mainly due to the strength of the curriculum offered by the department.

Ministry of Human Resource Development, announced Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VISAKA) in January 2017 to create Digital Financial Literary among public. 4500 institutions participated in creating awareness on digital payment mode. Of which, 20 institutions have been identified as Best Performing Institutions and 1089 student volunteers have been identified as best performers. 696 volunteers of commerce and management stream participated in awareness creation. Sri G.V.G. Visalakshi College For Women, Udumalpet was identified as the top 15th institution for excelling in the efforts towards spread of digital financial literary in the National Convention of Student Volunteers on 8th March 2017 at VigyanBhavan, MHRD, New Delhi. Dr.N.LAKSHMI, VISAKA Coordinator, received the award of the college for converting 37,348 persons to digital payment mode and Ms.B.Aishwarya, Ms.S.Monisha and Ms.S.Arundathi of II B.COM were awarded as Best volunteers.


PEO1: Impart strong conceptual knowledge in core commerce courses.
PEO2: Imbibe comprehensive skills for effective business communication.
PEO3: Cultivate ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real world environment.
PEO4: Develop an attitude to become informed, active and responsible citizen.
PEO5: Synthesis commerce knowledge with nation building activities.


Towards the end of the program, the students will be able to:
PO1:Understand and Apply commerce knowledge and skills.
PO2: Able to work in digitalised environment.
PO3: Get motivated to involve in entrepreneurial activities.
PO4: Exercise critical thinking and reasoning in problem solving activities.
PO5: Pursue higher education / get ready for employment.
PO6: Develop self-confidence and attitude for lifelong learning.


On completion of B.Com Degree students will be:
Able to take jobs applying conceptual knowledge in real business environment.
Would be able to work in ICT environment.
Would be competent to pursue higher education.