College Union

College Union

Every Right implies a Responsibility; Every Opportunity entails an Obligation; Every Possession requires a Duty. the saying suits our GVG College Union.

The college union is an integral part of our educational environment to instill a sense of leadership, social commitment and provide an avenue to empower, elevate and enrich the student community. The prime aim of the college union is to provide opportunities for the holistic development of the personality of the students through multiple value added activities.


The College Union comprises of The President (Principal), Union Adviser, a few members of the staff, Student Chairman, Secretary and Joint Secretary. Seven affiliated clubs of the Union function effectively for the all round development of the personality of the students.

The Members of the College Union and its affiliated clubs are elected in the most democratic fashion through online voting.


(i) To promote spirit of integrity, unity and democratic outlook among the students.
(ii) To uphold the tradition, culture and patriotism among the students.
(iii) To provide forums to elevate the intellectual skills and histrionic talents.
(iv) To offer opportunities for enhancement of managerial skills through participatory management.
(v) To train the students to organize and execute the various academic and non-academic activities of the college.

College Union Office Bearers - 2018-2019

President Mrs.S.Kalaichelvi
Principal In-charge
Union Advisor Dr.V.K.Saraswathi
Head, Associate Professor of History
Members 1) Mrs.M.Malarvizhi - Assistant Professor in Chemistry
2) Dr.B.Sujatha - Director of Physical Education
3) Dr.S.Renukadevi- Assistant Professor in History
4) Ms.R.Chitradevi - Assistant Professor in Chemistry
5) Dr.M.Nirmala - Assistant Professor in Physics
6) Mrs.K.SathiyaPriya - Assistant Professor in English Literature
7) Mrs.N.Sarathamani - Assistant Professor in Tamil
8) Dr.Brindhadevi - Assistant Professor in Commerce
9) Mrs.N.Sathiyapriya – Assistant Professor in Computer Science
10) Ms.V.Subhashree –Assistant Professor in B.Com CA
11) Ms.G.Neelaveni - Assistant Professor in IT
Student's Chairman M.Smriti – III BSc Mathematics (SF)
Secretary P.Akalya - III BSc Zoology
Joint Secretary S.Vaishnavi - III BSc Computer Science