College Union - Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women


College Union

The College Union is an integral part of the educational mission of Sri G.V.G.Visalakshi College for women. The Union serves as a unifying force enduring loyalty to the institution.


(i) To train the students of the college in their duties, responsibilities and rights as citizens of a democratic country.
(ii) To provide opportunities for development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service in students.
(iii) To organise debates, seminars and functions.
(iv) To encourage cultural activities.

The student union is an integral part of the college’s educational environment, providing stimulating programs, services and facilities for the student community. It affords the opportunity for informal association outside the classroom. The student union provides maximum opportunity for self-realization and individual growth.

The College Union comprises of The President, Union Adviser, one faculty member from each department, Student Chairman, Secretary, and Joint Secretary. Seven affiliated clubs of the Union function effectively for the overall progress of the student community.

The College Union Chairman, Secretary and Joint-Secretary and secretaries of various clubs are elected in a democratic way with an updated modern technology-online voting.

The major activities of the College Union and its affiliated clubs include organising debates, discussions, talks on relevant issues, Extra-ordinary meetings with motivational lectures in order to enhance the personality development of the students and infuse in them a sense of leadership and social commitment and elevate them as empowered individuals. Arts Fest of one week gives opportunities to students to express their talents. Union Advisor and other faculty members assist students in organizing programmes and conducting competitions.