CAMU is a modern SaaS based ERP on the cloud, developedexclusively for the students, faculty, parents and the administration and is customized to meet the interests of the institution and its stakeholders. It is a Mobile First Cloud solution with a multi campus installation and hierarchical data access. It is used to implement the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) as well as the traditional methodology with the ability to migrate to either of the two.

The learning management system CAMU operates in real time toplan, educate and communicate with the administration,faculty,students,and parents.It is developed to meet the regulatory complianceand is highly flexible and customizable. Android and iOS Mobile app of the CAMU system is available for ease of use by the faculty and students.

The database of the CAMU system comprises of the details of students, faculty, courses, teachingplan, teaching content, assignments, student and staff activity, question banks, question papers, examination details and other administrative related details. CAMU admin takes care of the flow of information and all the activities in this system.

The generic components of the learning management system and their uses are: The Academic plan comprises of teaching content, teaching plan, elective enrolment, timetables, field activity plans, setting advisors, holidays and events for the current semester.

The teaching component is used to display and manage the teaching content to be delivered to the students.It enables the faculty to make decisions about topics to be included and those to leave out; the order in which those topics will be presented and which pedagogical methods to use (e.g., lecture, discussion, hands-on training etc.,). It enables the faculty to supplement topics in the syllabi with any form of content, like video / audio clipping, photos, powerpoint presentation, notes, messages, web links etc., that a faculty feels necessary to be conveyed to the student.

The teaching plan lists the topics to be taught, learnt, discussed or assessed by a student on a particular day and is also displayed on the student portal. It enables the student to come prepared to the class. Based on the students feed back or their learning pace the faculty can reschedule the plan. Flip classroomlearning is also carried out through this planning. The dash board gives a quick view of the progress and outcomes of teaching plan,class wise examination performance, daily attendance and daily academic view.

The assignment module enables the faculty to assign topics to students for homework, discussion, collection of information etc., and to collect back the submitted work by the students, review,assess provide feedback and also grade them. Assignments are uploaded by the studentsin the form of video, audio, text or other files. Trackingand editing the list of previously scheduled assignments can be done. Provision for Adhoc assignments either in the classroom or otherwise are available on the mobile app.

The assessment moduleis used to assess the learning outcomes of the students. It consists of question banks,question papers, schedule of online tests and practice tests for the students. Various patterns like objective and descriptive questions are stored inquestion banks. Question papers are generated on need with necessary keys, complexities, Blooms taxonomy level and the course outcome. The subjectfaculty decides the number , nature and the conduct of the online tests. The test scores are analysed for the performance of the students.

The communication module is used to extend all necessary communication to students, staff and parents. Examination management module communicates the examination details like internal assessment examination timetables, internal assessment markswith the class average. Students can view their marks in their portal.

Reports section provides all the necessary staff, student and administrative reports with a limited access. Student portal displays the personal details, syllabi, teaching supplements, assignments, assessments with feedback, student teacher communication, online test, internal assessment marks, attendance, events, announcements, timetables and fee details. The Parent portal can be used by the parents from their mobile devices to view the complete details of their children and their performances. The feedback section can be used to record their views.

It serves as the communication tool between the Management , Principal, faculty office, students, and Parents. The Payment and billing module takes care of the payments and the receipts in the office.