Department of B.Com(E-Commerce)


Department of (e-Commerce) was established during the academic year 2004-2005.Our department emphasizes the generation and exploitation of new business opportunities by providing updated knowledge. The syllabus framed improves familiarity with current challenges and issues in e-Commerce. The major emphasis will be on the managerial and strategic aspects of online business. The students gain the employability skills on completion of this course. The faculties of our department have published research articles in various national and international journals.Our department explores the realities and implications of e-Commerce by providing continual learning in the dynamic e-Commerce environment.


Impart intellectual insight in developing a strong e-Commerce foundation for applying e-Commerce knowledge and skills to meet the global trend in commercial establishments.


To provide a strong conceptual knowledge on e-Commerce.
To achieve excellence in the field of e-Commerce and to prepare the students to be lifelong learners.
To enrich the students by inculcating leadership abilities to face challenges of the changing environment.
To develop professional competency in the real e-Commerce world.
To inculcate knowledge on ethical aspects of e-Commerce environment.

Highlights of the Department

Students were placed in key posts in corporate and back office works in MNC’s.
Students emerged as Entrepreneurs & Software professionals.
Students are placed in service sector like banks, insurance companies, hotel industry, hospitals etc.
Students are placed in various companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, AEE BEE, BrightStar, DICOM, Genio Gallant.
Few Students are pursuing higher studies like MBA,M.Com,M.Com (e- commerce),MIB, Professional Courses like CA,CWA and ACS, Insurance Companies and Logistics firms.
Industrial visits and internship training at CONCORP, Auditing firms, Banking and share trading firms are arranged.
The department has Organised a Six days workshop on “Launching Product on Web”.
Our faculty members have published articles in national and international journals.

Sl.No Title Topic
1 Programme Educational Objectives
  • PEO1: To gain strong knowledge on basic commerce courses.
  • PEO2: To Undesrstand the unique features of e-Commerce environment.
  • PEO3: To Impart entrepreneurial capabilities required for e-businesses.
  • PEO4: To encourage overall academic development of students to pursue higher studies or to take up employment.
  • PEO5: To gain knowledge on ethical values of e-business environment.
2 Programme Outcomes On the successful completion of the programme, the students will be able to:
  • PO1: Enhance commerce and e-Commerce knowledge.
  • PO2: Development of e-Commerce skills.
  • PO3: Competent to work in Virtual environment.
  • PO4: Expertise on e-Commerce technology and accounting applications
  • PO5: Develop Employability skills to be successful in the virtual business environment.
3 Programme Specific Outcomes On the Completion of the programme
  • PSO1: Students will gain knowledge in different areas of Commerce and e-Commerce.
  • PSO2: Students will be able to adapt themselves to the changing scenario of Virtual Environment.
  • PSO3: Students will be able to work coherently with the changing phases of the business environment.