Anti Ragging - Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women


Ragging Free Campus

Since establishment the institution follows moral ethical values, never deviating from traditional values and cultural heritage. The campus assures happy, healthy and peaceful academic environment

Ragging: Teasing, handling with rudeness, Psychological harm, disturbing the regular academic activity of a fresher or any other student.


Never in History had a complaint registered

To curb ragging the following committees were constituted for the Academic year 2018-2019

Ragging Curb Committee

Chairman Contact Number - 9362210314
Sri G V G Visalakshi College for Women

Committee Members

Department of Mathematics
Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women

Department of Mathematics
Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women

Toll Free Helpline: 1800 180 5522

Committee Members

The committee includes members from academic, Police, NGO, Physicians, Legal Advisors, Parents and Student representatives.

Director of Physical Education
Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women,

Associate NCC Officer
Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women,

Mr.R.Nagaraj, Office Superintendent Mrs.R.Subathra, Assistant

Police Department

Police Department
Inspector of Police,Law and Order, UdumalpetPolice Station. Cell No:9498176420.

Mr. D. Srinivasan,
Senior Manager
Rural Extension Service Trust,
Sarojini Street, Mahalingapuram
Pollachi- 642002
Cell No: 9842227752


Mr.P.Masanam, 53 B.P.V Kovil street,
Mr. N.Manoharan,707/1,AvanalingamPillaistreet,Aryanachi Pallam,
Mr.K.Rajasekaren, Lal bhathur sastri street, Kumaralingam.

DOCTOR: Dr.Sivakani Subash,MBBS,DGO
Cell No:9442523448

R. Madhana Chandran,
17, F. Court Street, Udumalpet.
Cell No: 9443053199

Anti-ragging Squad Members

Dr.P.Thamizh Pavai , Head, Department of Tamil
Dr.D.Sujatha, Associate Professor in English DDr.M.Radha, Head, Department of Economics
Dr.V.K.Saraswathi, Head, Department of History
Mrs.S.Kalaiselvi, Associate Professor in Mathematics
Dr.N.Jeyanthi, Associate Professor in Mathematics
Mrs.T.V.Banumathi, Controller of Examination
Mrs.B.Nirmala, Associate Professor in Physics
Mrs.M.Malarvizhi, Head, Department of Chemistry
Dr.S.Umamaheswari, Head, Department of Zoology
Dr.N.Lakshmi, Head, Department of Commerce
Mrs.S.Brundha, Head, Department of Tamil( SF)
Mrs.P.Rajeswari, Head, Department of English (SF)
Mrs.A.Anis Fathima, Head, Department of Mathematics(SF)
Mrs.S.Shobana, Head, Department of Computer Science
Mrs.K.Manimekalai, Head, Department of Computer Applications
Mrs.B.Uma Maheswari, Head, Department of BBA (CA)
Mrs.A.Parameswari, Head, Department of B.Com(CA)
Mrs.R.Jayalakshmi, Head, Department of E-Commerce
Dr.R.Surya Priya, Head, Department of B.Com (SF)

Student Members

College Union -Chairman
III B.Sc Mathematics (SF)

College Union -Secretary
III B.Sc Zoology

College Union- Joint Secretary
III B.Sc Computer Science
College Club Secretaries: 17

Punishments at the Institution Level

• Suspension from attending classes.
• Debarring from appearing in any test / examination or other evaluation process
• Withholding results
• Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc.,
• Suspension / expulsion from the hostel
• Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution for a specific period

Steps Taken to Curb Ragging

Ragging Curb Committee- Meeting on 20.06.2017 at 1.30 P.M.

• The Principal, Chairman of the Ragging Curb Committee explained the rules and regulations of the government pertaining to ragging and discussed on the measures to prohibit it in the campus.
• Members were selected for the Anti-Ragging Squad Committee and it was decided to keep the enrolled list of student members confidential which is to be maintained by the College Union.
• Heads of the Departments were instructed to inform the first year students about the steps taken by the institution to curb ragging.
• The students were instructed to see that the senior students do not embarrass or hurt the fresher’s either through word or deed. The squad members were asked to spread over and watch for any untoward events in the place where students generally gather like canteen, mess, stone benches, dining hall, near toilets, etc.,
• The Anti ragging Squad members were instructed to report to the Ragging Curb Committee about any complaint or any incident of hurting the fresher by any senior student.
So far no incident has occurred and no complaint has been registered.

Parents Teachers Meeting

PTA meeting was conducted on 18.6.18 at 10.00am. The parents were informed to instruct their wards not to involve in any form of ragging like teasing, hurting by words or deed and disturbing the academic activities of the freshers.

Orientation for the Fresher’s – First year under graduate students 28.6.2017

The College Principal Mrs.S.Kalaiselvi, in the corporate assembly, assured the students that the institution is a ragging free zone. Students involving in any kind of ragging activities will be punished as per the instructions issued by the Director of collegiate office.

She also gave the following details:
1. A Ragging complaint box kept in the college corridor.
2. The names and the mobile numbers of the members of Ragging Curb Committee of the college is displayed in the College notice board.
3. Students may feel free to call the Ragging Curb Committee members at any time if necessary
4. The senior students were asked to take utmost care of their juniors and help them in every regard.
The following details are displayed in student notice boards and common gathering places.
1. The National Antiragging Helpline 1800-180-5522(24x7)
2. e-mail
3. UGC website

Meeting for the Hostel Students - - 22.06.2018

A special meeting was convened for the hostel students on - 22.06.2018
First year students were given instructions regarding the hostel facilities, procedures to be followed while in hostel rooms and in dining hall. They were assured of a peaceful stay in the hostel.
The Director of RDC centre, the College Principal and some senior faculty accompanied the students to the dining hall to make them feel safe, secure and happy.
The Hostel wardens were instructed to monitor the hostel students, so that no ragging activities take place in the hostel.

Antiragging Squad Student members

S.No Student’s Name Class
1 K.Sowmiya II M.A English Literature
2 M.Radha III B.A English Literature
3 P.Kowsalya III B.A English Literature
4 M.Dharshini II B.A English Literature
5 M.Mahalakshmi II M.A Economics
6 M.M.Lavanya III B.A Economics
7 M.Pandimeena III B.A Economics
8 P.Sivani II B.A Economics
9 P.Swathi II M.A History
10 M.Abarna III B.A History
11 M.Monisa III B.A History
12 K.Ayeesha II B.A History
13 M.Rajalakshmi II M.Sc Mathematics
14 T.Gokila III B.Sc Mathematics
15 S.Keerthana III B.Sc Mathematics
16 R.Nirupama II B.Sc Mathematics
17 A.Taiyaba II M.Com
18 K.Sowmya III B.Com
19 N.Nithyadevi III B.Com
20 B.Surya II B.Com
21 N.S.Nivetha III B.Sc Chemistry
22 A.Dharapriyadharshini III B.Sc Chemistry
23 K.Sharmiladharshini II B.Sc Chemistry
24 A.Keerthana II M.Sc Physics
25 M.Bhuvaneshwari III B.Sc Physics
26 P.Vasuvi III B.Sc Physics
27 N.Rajakaviya II B.Sc Physics
28 P.Akalya III B.Sc Zoology
29 A.Selvarani III B.Sc Zoology
30 A.Renuka II B.Sc Zoology
31 G.Malathi II M.Sc Computer Science
32 D.Abarna III B.Sc Computer Science(A)
33 M.Gokilamani III B.Sc Computer Science(A)
34 M.Asina Begam III B.Sc Computer Science(B)
35 B.Vaishnavi III B.Sc Computer Science(B)
36 R.Sandhya Mathi II B.Sc Computer Science(A)
37 S.Susmitha II B.Sc Computer Science(B)
38 V.Bavithra III B.A Economics with log. &
39 N.Dharani III B.A Economics with log. &
40 N.Vaishnavi II B.A Economics with log. &
41 K.Nivetha III B.Com (CA)
42 P.Nithyakumari III B.Com (CA)
43 M.Deepiga II B.Com (CA)
44 A.Krishnapriya III B.Sc IT
45 S.Sivalakshmi III B.Sc IT
46 A.Reshma II B.Sc IT
47 R.Aishwarya III B.Sc Statistics
48 B.Hemanandhini II B.Sc Statistics
49 P.Priyanka III B.Sc Mathematics (SF)
50 S.Nilafar III B.Sc Mathematics (SF)
51 K.SuryaGayathiri II B.Sc Mathematics (SF)
52 C.Deepika III B.Com (
53 K.Pandiselvi III B.Com (
54 A.Muthulakshmi II B.Com (
55 P.Kiruthika III B.Com(SF)
56 C.K.Vijayalakshmi III B.Com(SF)
57 N.Shobana II B.Com(SF)
58 D.Harini III BCA
59 S.Srivasanthi III BCA
60 S.Srivasanthi II BCA
61 N.Sangavi III BBA(CA)
62 R.Divya III BBA(CA)
63 T.Pavithra II BBA(CA)