Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women, Udumalpet, Tamilnadu, India




The Alumnae association serves to promote the general welfare of the institution, reinforce its vision and mission and strengthen the ties between the alumnae, the society, and the parent organization. Its influence and involvement is pivotal in the development of the institution both financially and non-financially.

The association has organized a wide range of events for social awareness, knowledge sharing, skill enhancement and also for celebrations.
It endeavours to espouse the institution and provide mentoring, intern opportunities and career openings.
Guest Lectures, Motivational speeches, Training in Soft Skills, Life Skills, and Social Skills are provided by the alumna to the students whereby they are prepared to be recruited by the reputed companies.
The Alumnae are a part of the Board of Studies and so they contribute in framing the syllabus.
The Association serves as one of the key communicators between the recruiters and the institution whereby the gap between the skill expected of the students and what they actually possess is bridged.

The alumnae provide an outside funding resource for the institution which is utilized for various useful purposes. The GVG Mega Shopping Mela 2018 organised by the association is an attempt to achieve mutual benefit by providing the alumnae a wider access into the community for their business development and acquiring financial support for the institution.