Department of Commerce - Sri GVG Visalakshi College for Women


Department of Commerce

To bring out students with a strong conceptual base in commerce and its applications with a sense of accountability and humanism accommodating the challenges of the environment.


  • Imparting a strong conceptual base in the discipline and internalizing its applicability.
  • Building accounting skills.
  • Promoting employable skills.
  • Developing entrepreneurial abilities.

Department Profile

The Department of Commerce is well known for the strong foundation in the curriculum offered at the B.Com and at the M.Com degree programmes. The department offers the Undergraduate programme from the year 1981 and the Post graduate programme from 1988 and it was upgraded as the research department from 2003 onwards.

The department is actively engaged in research activities since 1988 through the P.G. projects. All the faculty members of the department are the recognized guides of the M.Phil / Ph.D Programme. The department is sanctioned with many UGC funded Major/Minor Research Projects. Organising Seminar / Workshop / Symposium at the National & International level is an annual feature of the department.

The department updates the curriculum to meet the dynamic needs of the environment through innovative teaching learning methods . To improve the ICT skills of the students, Blended learning programmes are offered as a part of the curriculum. Hands on Training is provided to enhance the employable skills of the students.

The preference of the Post graduate students of the department as the faculty members in other colleges is mainly due to the strength of the curriculum offered by the department.