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About GVG

The year 1952 was a golden year in the history of our college that the philanthropic and foresighted vision of our Founder Sri G.V.Govindaswamy Naidu had an initiative to establish the Women’s Educational Hub, Sri G.V.G Visalakshi College for Women in the idyllic environs. The stone edifice stands magnificently as a monument for nearly 66 years after having served young women of varied interests and imbibing the social, cultural, educational and civic values in them. The golden vision and glorifying mission of our noble founder have been properly maintained by his notable descendants with the same spirit, enlarging the scope and quality of higher education offering a rich blend of traditional and modern courses. His grandson Shri.G.Raveendran, Trustee cum Secretary nurtures the legacy of the founder with great devotion. The story of the growth of the college is one of gradual uphill ascent to the summit of excellence. An emancipation of the socially, economically and culturally backward rural womanhood has been achieved.


Empower women through quality education by providing holistic learning experience resulting in intellectual transformation.


To create a benchmark in the field of education through various disciplines of study.
To provide a learner centric curriculum for life and living.
To equip the students face the challenges of the dynamic environment by providing necessary skills
To offer value based education synthesizing Arts, Science and spirituality.
To train the students for selfless service and nation building activities.

Sri G.V.Govindaswamy Naidu